Welcome to RiverSide Swing!!!

We are Brockville's newest dedicated Swing Dance school.  We specialize in all forms of swing dancing such as Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa, Blues, Jive as well as many others. 

"Why learn swing?"

Swing is the embodiment of pure joy!  It doesn't matter if you are having the worst day ever, once you hit the dance floor it all melts away and you are swept up in the happiness and good times this dance offers.

"Is it hard to learn?"

Absolutely not!  Our syllabuses are designed to deliver information (technique and core concepts) in the most effective way possible  On top of that, we strive to make every class, most of all, a fun experience so you may not even realize that you are, in fact, learning!

"Do I need to sign up with a partner?"

Absolutely not! As this is a social dance, we rotate/change partners throughout our classes to ensure everyone gets a chance to try out class material as much as possible.  We strongly feel that working with different people is an essential part of learning to dance.

However we do give discounts to people who sign up with a partner.