Below FAQ are some common concerns of our clients. If you have other questions, please just send it to
Since we are a brand new swing dance school in Brockville, we’re working with already established dance schools and studios to provide classes in downtown Brockville at an affordable rate. Currently, all our classes will be taking place at the Court House Lodge (7 Court House Square, Brockville). This may change in the future so it’s important to verify the location when signing up for the class. After signing up for a class, an email reminder will also be sent with the studio location.
We always suggest starting with Swing 1. It’s important to be comfortable and familiar with all the Swing 1 repertoire before moving to more advanced material. If you have taken Swing classes before with another school, please contact us and we’ll find something that fits your needs.
The most important thing is wear something your comfortable in and able to move around in. There’s no need to ‘dress up’ for the class (most people where jeans or their casual clothes), but you can if you’d like to!
You don’t need any special type of show except that you must bring clean, dry, indoor shoes! Dirt and rocks damage floors so although your outdoor shoes may look “clean enough”, indoor shoes that are dry and clean are essential. We recommend flat shoes that are comfortable and will stay on your feet even if kicking.
If you have to miss a class or two, we understand! If you know in advance that you’ll be missing a class, please let us know as soon as possible and we will do our best to provide you with the material that you’ve missed. The same applies if need to be unexpectedly absent. Please let us know you will be missing class and we will do our best to film a recap for you.
While there’s no requirement to rotate partners during your class, in all our years teaching and coaching, it has become exceedingly clear that changing partners accelerates the learning process. Trying new moves with new partners helps everyone in the class become better dancers. It’s also the best way to get to meet everyone in the class, make friends, and have fun (and isn’t that the real objective!?) However, if you are not comfortable rotating partners, there is no obligation to do so. Our goal is for everyone to have fun, so if you prefer to stay with your partner, then no problem at all. Please let us know this preference in advance!
Yes! We are happy to arrange group private lessons, either a one-off class or a multi-week course, whatever you need! If you and your friends or colleagues would like to do a 6-week class (or other length, as required), we will work with you to find a time in the class schedule to accommodate you. Please contact us to make further arrangements!