Social Dancing Classes in Brockville

Are you looking for a new hobby? If you want to be more active, learn to move differently, have fun and meet people, social dancing is definitely what you need!

Whether you are a couple, with friends or alone, social dance classes are inclusive and offer everyone the opportunity to dance with different partners.

What social dance to choose?

If you have just decided to learn to dance, you may not know what type of dance to choose from. There is a lot of different styles so here is a short guide to help you learn more about social dancing and the different types of dances that exist.

What is social dancing?

Social dancing is an exchange between two people (the leader; a person who guides the movements, and the follower; a person who follows them). They communicate together and express themselves on the music while improvising ( apart from some exceptions).

There are multiple opportunities to dance throughout the year in Brockville. You can find regular dance evenings with bands at the Court House Lodge, some ball at the Gananoque theater and other punctual event where live music is happening. These festive evenings are a good opportunity for dancers to apply on the dance floors what they have learned during their classes.

The common elements characterizing social dances

  • Basic steps: Each type of dance has its own basic steps. This is the first level of a common language that allows both dancers to build a dialogue.
  • Connection: The connection is what allows the dancers to communicate with each other and understand the intentions of their partner.
  • The expression: It is by their interpretation of the music (the musicality) that the dancers express themselves on the different songs, making each of their dance unique.

The different types of social dances

The swing dances

Swing is a group of dances that developed between the 20s and the 50s. These dances are danced on jazz, big band and rock'n roll music. They come from the vintage era of America. The swing community is a surprisingly big one, that has foot in cities all over the world.

On a more local way, there is Montreal, being one of the biggest scene in North America, there is also Ottawa and Toronto where hundreds of people dance swing on a regular basis, the Queen's university club in Kingston and of course our School, Riverside Swing.

Wherever you go, in the US on the east coast or the west coast, in Europe or in Asia, you can always find swing dance evenings with welcoming people.

Some of the swing dances

  • Lindy Hop
  • Jive
  • Balboa
  • West Coast Swing
  • Boogie Woogie
  • Charleston

The Latin Dances

Latin dances have a rich history rooted in European, Latin and African roots. Latin dances are often considered sensual, especially when you think of Bachata and Salsa.

Some of the Latin dances

  • Bachata
  • Chacha
  • Merengue
  • Salsa
  • Mambo
  • Rumba

The ballroom dances

Ballroom dances are often associated with so-called sports dances. They were once practiced in salons, balls and dancing teas. They are most often from traditional and folk dances. They are called sports dances because many are the subject of competitions and professional competitions.

Some ballrooms dances

  • Waltz
  • Tango
  • Quickstep
  • SlowFox
  • Rumba
  • Pasodoble

The social part of the social dancing at Riverside Swing

At Riverside Swing we are happy to share our passion of swing dancing to the Brockville community. Teacher's at Riverside Swing have been formed and trained by world class dancers from Montreal and have themselves won multiple competitions at local, national and international levels.

We try as often as possible to bring our students to social dance evenings happening in Brockville, Kingston, Ottawa or elsewhere. We also like to go at the local brewery after class to chat and get to know our students.